As an orthodontist, Dr. Parker improves smiles at all ages, but there are distinct benefits to early diagnosis and treatment. Dr. Parker can detect subtle problems with jaw growth and emerging teeth even while some baby teeth are present, and early orthodontic treatment may prevent more serious problems from developing in the future. Dr. Parker and the American Association of Orthodontists recommend having an initial orthodontic examination around the age of seven to evaluate any developing conditions.


For many patients, the best time to begin orthodontic treatment is once all of the baby teeth have been lost. The active growth and maturation patients of this age are experiencing positively contributes to the response of teeth and bones to treatment. Improving the appearance and function of teeth at this time benefits self-esteem, intercepts possible damage caused by poor bites and alignment, and sets your teen up with a beautiful, healthy smile for life.


These days, many adults are choosing to have orthodontic treatment to improve their smile, including parents who have seen what a difference treatment has made for their children! Technological advances in orthodontics have removed limitations previously encountered with adult treatment and given patients more options for addressing their concerns. Every single one of our adult patients says the same thing when they finish treatment…I’m so glad I finally did this!
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