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Dr. Parker and his team will discuss the concerns you have about your smile, and complete an examination, orthodontic x-rays and photographs. These complementary records allow Dr. Parker to evaluate the health and position of teeth, develop a customized treatment plan and determine the best time to get started. We will also discuss Dr. Parker’s estimate of the treatment time, patient responsibilities and review the associated cost. You won’t leave the first visit without all the information you need to decide what treatment is best for you!

Finance & Insurance

We know orthodontic treatment is a big investment, and will do our best to work with you to create a comfortable financial arrangement. Many dental insurance plans will cover a portion of orthodontic treatment, and we are happy to verify your coverage and benefits at your initial visit. Dr. Parker offers interest free options with flexible monthly and down payments, bonuses for cash payment, and sibling and parent discounts to make your smile an investment you can feel good about!

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  • Orthondontic Office of Dr. Phillip Parker
  • Orthondontic Office of Dr. Phillip Parker
  • Orthondontic Office of Dr. Phillip Parker
  • Orthondontic Office of Dr. Phillip Parker
  • Orthondontic Office of Dr. Phillip Parker
  • Orthondontic Office of Dr. Phillip Parker
  • Orthondontic Office of Dr. Phillip Parker
  • Orthondontic Office of Dr. Phillip Parker
  • I have been bringing my girls to Dr. Parker’s office for 15 years and they just love going he does an awesome job with braces! I can’t say enough about the staff and how friendly and fast that they get us in and done.
    ~ Jonathan W.
  • If you want the best care, this is your place. You can trust your smile, your bite and your oral hygiene to a mall dentist or you can have it done right from the most qualified dentist in the area.
    ~ Chris P.
  • Dr. Parker and his staff made me feel so at ease when I came in to have a full set of braces put on. I was nervous about the experience and they quickly made me feel at home and comfortable with their humor and good rapport with one another. The entire process was smooth and streamlined, from check-in to application to payment. No long wait before my appointment. I greatly appreciate the office's professionalism and look forward to my future checkups.
    ~ Terri T.
  • Dr. Parker's practice is a finely run machine with a personal touch. I appreciate all of the employees and the patience they've had with all of my questions about braces.
    ~ Amy D.
  • Dr. Parker and his staff are so friendly. His office atmosphere is wonderful--he explained my child's orthodontic concerns in great detail and spent ample time with me and my child. Am now a repeat client. Thank you, Dr. Parker!
    ~ Kerry R.
  • We've had great experiences with both kiddos. Our daughter is about to get braces and Dr. Parker and his staff went above and beyond to explain the reasoning and the process, and we've had nothing but positive experiences in the way the staff and Dr. Parker relate to our kiddos. The facility is amazing and the staff is friendly, helpful, and wonderful with children!
    ~ Joy R.
  • Dr. Parker is great with teenagers. My youngest is deathly afraid and has been going to Dr. Parker for four years and has had braces for the last year. His experiences have been so positive that he asks every month when his appointment is so he can have them clean his teeth. I cannot compliment his staff enough on their personality and ability to put fears aside in kids. Very friendly group with a true heart for their work. I love Dr. Parker. He is always helpful and encouraging to his patients.
    ~ Cheryl K
  • I wore braces when I was younger, but my teeth shifted and it has always bothered me. Dr. Parker made treatment as an adult quick and easy. I’m just so excited to have my smile back.
    ~ Jill P.

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